SOMA is a worldwide puzzle.

The SOMA world
Each spot is a vivid SOMA user
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Obs: The SOMA users world map is NO longer updated.

Names of Soma users are given with their map coordinates in parenthesis.
Player's with a 'Dot' that overlap another 'Dot' are listed after each others.
I have divided the world in 7 large areas, The areas are square, so I apologize if your dot is not quite in the right area, but it suits the purpose of this map.

North America

(93.69) Todd Johnson: Eugene, Oregon USA. Has played SOMA since 1980 with friends and for mental challange.

(94.63) Jeff Dial: Kent Washington USA. is making his own SOMA in walnut.

(94.63) Jim Garrison, Teacher using SOMA, Reston, Virginia.

(94.63) Siddharth Agrawal, Redmond(Near Seattle), Washington, USA.

(94.63) Jerrid Hawkmoon, Olympia Washington, Discovered the Soma puzzle back in 1970 when the original red and blue plastic models came out.

(95.74) Cheryl Patterson: Math teacher in middle school, her pupils are making their own Soma from wooden cubes.

(95.74)(150.74) Michael Solinas and Jerry Solinas are BIG SOMA fans. San Jose.CA&Washington.DC

(95.74) Stuart Williams, computer scientist, Sacrameto, CA, USA. Built a SOMA from six sided white dice with black spots.

(95.76) Bob Nungester: Has made a Windows SOMA solver program.
The program is rather big (1MB) but tell me if you want a copy.

(95.76) Clint Cummins made figures 234-237.

(96,76) Bob Allen: San Jose, California,

(98.74) Russ Wolfram

(100.79) Richard White: Supplied scorpion

(100.79) Jay Chan (15) is a new soma player from USA California close to Los Angeles

(100.79) Britta G. near Los Angeles (California) Loves Puzzles, Soma, and math. Her math teacher may be using it in the drawing class. " sure, you can put me on the map - I live near Los Angeles (California). On your "what's new" page, you asked visitors to email I am! I love soma! A while (2 or 3 years) ago, my mom's friend was writing a book about math puzzles for kids, and she wanted me to try and make some soma puzzles she saw in another book. I was hooked! I now own 2 sets and have made myself another out of legos : ) My math teacher loves Piet Hein, so I gave her a set of soma cubes for Christmas. She is planning to use them when the next year does isometric drawings. As to "who I am", I live in Southern California and am 15 years old. I love math and puzzles and mazes and things like that. I play harp and have a bunch of crazy friends. I'm in the process of making a website at , but it isn't done yet, so it isn't on the web. It'll probably be done within a month..>

(103.84) Veronica Hinostroza MODESTO, CALIFORNIA

(105.84) Roger Bedard, Elizabeth Bedard. Riverside, California.USA.

(106.56) Tim Hurlburt. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

(106.58) Bob Smith, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I work with a boys group through my church and we just built the Soma cube for a Father/Son project and everyone loved it. I used a couple of pages from your site to get them started and gave them the site address so you may a few more visitors from here.

(106.75) Jennie Haufe, Hoytsville Utah, started usin SOMA at college

(106.80) Stephen C.Webb: Pomerene. Southern Arizona USA. Is producing soma puzzles.

(109.70) Lynn Willis, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

(109.70) David Turner: Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Teach mathematics in a Jr. High School, and use SOMA.

(113.73) Dan Schwartz, Highlands Ranch, Colorado, USA. Use SOMA with his grandchildren.

(115.84) Edmundo Montalvo: Several figures

(125.80) Jay Jenicek: Had a SOMA page, from which I got many figures

(128.81) Roger Zunigha: Live in Greenville, Tx. Teach math at the secondary level. The soma cube is a challenging activity for the students and is fine when he teach spacial concepts, it allows the student to visually see in three dimensions what they will be asked to determine in two dimensions.

(128.84) Chris Webb, Houston, Texas, USA. used to play these puzzle blocks as she was a kid

(132.69) Doug Bargfield: Soma player for about 20-25 years.

(132.69) Bill ???: From Davenport, Iowa have had SOMA since childhood.

(135.67) Leonard Otto, Wisconsin, Usa. Just likes SOMA. Will soon be on the web with the page

(135.67) Mitch Musicant, Schofield, WI, USA. 'retired:' Director-Technical Support, Educational Activities, Inc.

(135.73) Lois Christensen. St. Louis, Missouri. USA. 2001/12

(136.69) Lori A. Langdoc: Evanston, IL.USA. Just got a SOMA for birthday.

(137.74) Sivy Farhi: SOMA booklet.

(139.70) Ed Vogel, Rochester Hills, Mi. is in the process of building a transportable SOMA puzzle with 18" cubes.

(140.67) dick buckland:

(141.74) William (Bill) Kustes: live in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. made the figures number A636 - A642.

(141.74) Anthony P. Rizzo: live in Fort Thomas, Kentucky, USA. and wrote the "Analysis of the checkerboard Soma Cube"

(142.78) Klaus Langkilde: Atlanta,Georgia,USA. is teaching SOMA to classes of gifted children.

(142.109) Victor & Maria Bujan: Professors at the University of Costa Rica

(142.109) Art Wolfskill an American living in Costa Rica

(144.72) Courtney McFarren: Engineer, made the solution algorithm

(143.73) Rammy M., Dayton, Ohio, USA.

(145.78) C. Kay Marshall: A lot of figures

(145.89) Jim Smith. H-mmm 'Production

(146.68) Natalia Derbentseva, graduate student studying learning process using SOMA, Waterloo Canada.

(147.67) Jeff Curtis, Toronto, Canada. Refound his old SOMA, and is building a new one.

(147.67) David McIntosh, Toronto, Canada. Has been making 14 new animal figures.

(147.70) Jim Adams. has a very nice SOMA page

(147.72) Brian Goodwin, Cincinati, Ohio, USA. Have played SOMA since 1968, with a big blue Parker Brothers set, and built many sets for family and friends.

(148.66) Peter Mielke. Dictionary of Old English Project, University of Toronto, Canada

(150.74) Elliot Grant, SOMA player, Maryland, USA

(150.74) Mary Ellen Sherwood, SOMA player and high school Geometry teacher, West Point, Virginia, USA

(152.73) Daisy R. Manassas, Virginia, U.S.A.

(152.73) Jeremy D.Apgar, New Jersey in the United States.

(152.73) AJ Bennett, a sixth grader in fairfax virgina, USA. Will make his own SOMA.

(152.73) Mark A. Spikell, in fairfax virgina, USA. A math professor who examines the SOMA history.

(154.68) David A. Litterer

(154.68) Dylan B

(154.71) Elizabeth L. C. Coyne, Philladelphia, Pennsylvania. Plays SOMA with her friends.

(154.71) Chuck Hacala, Bedford, MA, USA. Has played with SOMA since the 60's

(155.65) Michael Cote, Montreal, Quebec, Canada plays SOMA

(155.69) Katy Schonbeck Watson, White Creek, New York, USA. A highschool math teacher, Katy and her students will be creating soma cubes and solving puzzles in Bennington, Vermont over the last weeks of 1999.

(158,69) Harold McAleer: Lincoln, Massachusetts, USA. is making his SOMA for his grandchildren.

(159,67) Tim Blackman, Arlington, Massachusetts, USA. Plays SOMA with his children.

South America

(152,114) Kenneth Cabrera: Geologist, M.S.statistics. Teach at Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Sede Medellin

(157,160) Freddy de la Cruz M.:

(190.150) Ronald Kyrmse, São Paulo, Brasil, soma player and Tolkien expert

(192.148) Marcia R. Cerioli: mathematics teacher at Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro


(239.53) Philip: writing a book about story telling.

(239.68) Lluis Rubio Suárez Pazos: Programmer, over 200 figures

(240.55) Josh Phillips, exhibits SOMA in the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester.

(240.57) Ray Grimes, Cardiff, South wales, Gt Britain. is puzzling with SOMA+plus

(240.71) Rafael Rodriguez, a teacher in a town 50 Km from Madrid, Spain. in Spain.

(242.69) Juan Carlos Ruiz de Arcaute, Vitoria, north of Spain.

(243.51) Simon Horne: study Artificial Intelligence

(243.51) Colin Black, Stirling, Scotland is also a SOMA puzzler.

(244.54) Andrew Pace. Near Hull. UK.

(243,57) Tim Dixon High Wycombe England

(244.58) Trevor Wood: Makes exotic wood puzzles

(244.58) Simon Allen: Soma player in Bexhill, East Sussex, England. Giving SOMA to his son.

(244.58) Steven Mai, Twickenham. just outside London to the Southwest.

(246.70) Ana Mendoza: Wrote article in EL PAIS about my page. +2 figures

(248.62) François Dusolle, from the Paris area, is fond of puzzles, math and languages. Let say that I'm fond of puzzle (1,2 or 3D), logic (math, language or geometry) etc ... I discover SOMA just sometimes ago, after years of pentominoes , then I found 3D pentaminoes ... links to SOMA are easy to follow then ... I hope some more years of amusement with it (and perhaps find a way to challenge friends) Long live to your "excellent" site , hoping it will grow and perhaps include other pages on some near-penta near-soma puzzle that I own but haven"t explore all capabilities...>

(250.58) Hugo Kroeze:

(252.57) Hein van Winkel: teacher of mathematics at the middle scool

(254.58) Bernd Esser, near Aachen, Germany. is a teacher that sometimes uses SOMA in class

(255.60) Sebastian Marius Kirsch: Folds paper strips into SOMA pieces.

(256.51) Thorleif Bundgaard: Engineer, maintainer of this site
E-Mail to: <>
Personal Homepage:

(256.51) Ole Poul Pedersen: Discovered that SOMA was older than we thought.
Check the "SOMA News Letter" pages: The oldest SOMA? and The birth of SOMA?

(256.51) Rune Schou Larsen: Copenhagen, Denmark

(256.51) Jens Andersen Schultz: Odense, Denmark, a Computer Science student at "University of Southern Denmark" who developed A645, bought a SOMA set after a course in programming.

(257.59) Volker Pöschel, Teacher, has a math club that uses SOMA.

(257.64) Irène Chappuis: Swiss teacher for 9-10 years old children

(258.51) Jan Jakobsen: Long time SOMA contact

(258.51) Philip K "Klodshans":

(258.51) Henrik Carstensen

(259.57) Robert Staatz: SOMA player, Lots of solutions

(259.57) Eva.?? Steffenberg, Germany, teaches primary school and use SOMA in school.

(259.59) Falko Windisch

(262.63) Jan B. Krcmar: Vienna, Austria. Made the figures A0633, A0634

(263,69) Massimo Corinaldesi, Hobby: mathematical recreations, chess, yoyo, tai-chi-chuan, I have build some SOMA cube (wood) and play with it.

(264.62) Clemens Pechstein: study math.

(270.63) Laszlo Degrell, Budapest, Hungary. Produced the train A644

(270.63) Peter Gal, Budapest, Hungary. A puzzle fan and software developer I made a puzzle solver program, which can solve different kinds of polycube puzzles e.g. the Soma. As a hobby woodworker, Peter made some sets of Soma too for himself .

(272.69) Aleksandar Resan: making a Win-C++ solver program

(274.54) Juozas Granskas: Selfmade SOMA cube, is played by him and his daughter.

(289.82) Dan Feldman, Israel. Hobby: Collector and designer of mechanical puzzles, in particular: 3D interlocking, puzzle locks.

(289.82) Isidor Bresler, Israel. puzzling different types of CUBE puzzles.

(289.82) Raanan Snir, Israel tel-aviv.


(269.164) Johan Heyns: Citrusdal just above Cape Town. South Africa. An area holding about 6 SOMA players.

(283.158)(150.74) Hans Bregman from South Africa is making SOMA for his friends.


(277.59) Victor Kovalskyy. director of J.V."Modvix". West Ukraine, in the city of Lviv. Victor and his daughters have made over 150 new SOMA figures.


(371.105) Ekkasit Takoungsakdakun

(373.119) William Tan: Singapore. Playing and occasionally selling Soma.

(392.73) WangXin: Beijing, China. Xin is an engineer in China Agricultural University's network center which provide network services on the campus.
Xin want to propagandize the play and development of SOMA game among Chinese students and kids.

(396.90) Chun-Ju Lai, junior high grade 1 student, 13 years old. A033 Proof.

(396.90) Wen-Hsien SUN. owner of the Chiu Chang Math. Books & Puzzles Co.

-[396.90] YOU SENG PENG

(397.108) Wilson A. Yap. A computer teacher at Iloilo (Philippines) Central Commercial High School. has made some 232 figures

(404.75) Hyun-jung Bak. Seoul, South Korea. Playing SOMA with her son

Australian area.

(396.163) David Beard: Esperance, South Western Australia.

(424.167) Carl I. Weibgen Melbourne in Australia. Cube since 1972

(424.167) Bruce Cropley Melbourne in Australia. Is making a breathtakingly fast puzzle solver, supporting SOMA, Double SOMA, SOMA+Plus, and the Bedlam cube.
Check the solver at The newsletter N031026.

(430.165) Ross Channing: Made a 3D Soma entry/solver program for Windows.

(432.163) Shannon Murdoch: Newcastle, Australia (just above Sydney)

(435.155) Kerry Gray, Mullumbimby NSW Australia, played SOMA 35 years ago, and now the 3 kids also play.

(460.174) Gaylene Hill: Teach children of 10-11.