SOMA Crystal
Who helped me
and SOMA
13 Dec 1998

Many people have contributed to my SOMA page, directly or indirectly.

See them HERE

The background tune 'FreeFall'(c) was donated to this SOMA page by its composer and player C. Kay Marshall.

Courtney McFarren
I would especially like to thank my good friend
Courtney McFarren (of Ohio. U.S.A.)

Courtney was the original author of a brilliant solution finder program.

He has also made some 798 figures and checked them using his software. Courtney and I have made a complete new figure editing and solution finder program, with an improved algorithm. This SOLVE program has now available on this site

From Thorleif Bundgård & Courtney McFarren
The fantastic SOMA figure program:
This program will read SOMA text files, accept manual figure entry, compute solution to figures, show figures both as text and as graphic, that you may view from 4 sides.

C.Kay Marshall
C.Kay Marshall
I would also give special thanks to C. Kay Marshall (From Georgia. U.S.A.) (It's down at the moment !)

Kay has produced a large number (Over 100) of facinating and intriguing figures. See them at the figure pages.

Lluis Pazos
Lluis Pazos
My good friend Lluis Rubio Suárez Pazos from North Spain (Asturias) has contributed two whole sets of alfabet figures, as well as 74 other figures.
Lluis is also the creator of the Dice Somas, shown in Newsletter 1999.09.16.
Now 12.1.2000 Lluis newest contributions bring his collection up to over 390 different figures.!

Bob Nungester
Bob Nungester
Bob Nungester (Cupertino, California, USA) Got interested in SOMA again.
By digging out his Cube from the 1960's, and adding graphics to his old 1980 Apple II program. Bob has written a new Visual Basic 6 Solver program.
This program is available as download from the Newsletter 1999.11.16.
It is rather large ( 1.7 MB ), AND requires installation to run:

Jay Jenicek
Jay Jenicek
I would also give large thanks to Jay Jenicek for leaving me his whole homepage, to pick and choose the things I would include here.

Jay's SOMA
This is Jay's homemade SOMA

Jay Jenicek
(from San Antonio, Texas - U.S.A.) has rearranged some stuff in Nov. 1998.
Jay has an excellent PENTOMINO page. You should absolutely make a visit.

Colored SOMA
A beautiful two colored set

On Helix homepage, I found this beautiful photo

Colored SOMA

Jürg von Känel's Wooden SOMA

John Rausch presents a photo of a figured SOMA made by Trevor Wood in his collection at
John also present S.T.Coffin's "Puzling world of Polyhedral Dissections", at

Jan Jacobsen has had contact with SOMA for a really long time. He has helped me, by supplying a large number of scanned manual and poster pages.

Trevor Wood helped me, getting me aquainted with the Soma book from Sivy Farhi.

Soma in the shape of animals

This particular figured SOMA belong to John Rausch.
The puzzle was made by Trevor Wood in 1989. and the figures show (Swan, Bird, Cat, Octopus, Seal, Squirrel and Goffer)

Sivy Farhi. The author of the marvellous book.
SOMA Book "SOMA WORLD the complete soma cube"
The VERY small booklet with a LOT of pages used to cost $4.99 (But I dont know where to get it)
It contains over 2000 problem figures, with solutions.
Published 1982 by Canberra Publishing & Printing Co.
ISBN 0-949538-00-0

Sivy has also made a solution finder program. It is extremely fast, finds all solutions, and you can get it in the NEWS section.

Figure Contributions

Edmundo Montalvo
Edmundo Montalvo
Edmundo Montalvo From North Mexico made SOMA131 The Monolith. 20.1.1999
Other interest: Kites.

Robert Staatz from Germany made 3 new figures. 22.1.1999 SOMA109, SOMA110, SOMA124R, Pair007. A figure 029 impossibility proof, and a long list of alternate solutions.

Bob Allen
Bob Allen
Bob Allen from Missouri, USA made 5 new figures. 17.8.1999 SOMA170, SOMA171, SOMA172, SOMA173, SOMA174. Bob's 171 inspired me to do the Double028 Hollow cube.

Ana Mendoza 16 years old, from Barcelona, Spain. made the figures SOMA182 and SOMA183.

Also thank you to:
YOUR name will go here, if you contribute with ideas or figures.