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  Your first SOMA Printout
Go to this page to print a nice introduction to the first time players.

This SOMA puzzle site has 360 MegaByte, over 15000 figures, over 142 Newsletters, original Danish and Parker Bros. booklets, history,
Scans of original newsletters, theories, proofs, an advanced SOMA puzzle solving program, ... and a lot more
Most Browsers keep a 'cache memory' of old pages instead of actually loading new versions.
Press the (Update button ↻ ) - Or the Ctrl-F5 to reload the page.
  Pause on my actions. . . . Please read this.

I have always cherished the many mails that SOMA players around the planet has seendt me.
Unfortunately a large increase in work pressure and other activities, force me to inform you that. Though I still answer shortly on individual mails from new SOMA players.
Then to those faithfull SOMA friends, who have sendt me material, and who is now waiting for either a proper response, or for me to publish their material. I regret to inform that I have to put a brake on this web page for some time. I will be back though. And all material that I have received is carefully saved, and will be used as we have agreed.

But until I can again find time to update these pages - I wish you a lot of fun puzzling with SOMA.
Very friendly wishes - Thorleif

  Ortwin's Quest
It was 2023-01-22 when Ortwin wrote a very special question to me

Is it possible to take away the uneven 'V' piece, and then create two figures that are the mirror image of each other.
Having done that, then insert the 'V' piece in one of the two, and then fold both into the SOMA cube ?

As in many cases of life, the answer lies in the detail of the pieces. But ... Whÿ is it so difficult?

  In honor af the James Webb Space Telescope.
Today 2022.01.24, The James Webb Space Telescope arrived safely to the Lagrange point,
It has now entered the orbit around L2 that will secure its position, ready to observe the universe.
So, - why not try to build a crude model of this intricate instrument. Just for yourself.

The orbit does look strange, especially taking into account, that it will turn around the Sun keeping
that position relative to Earth.
For more details, visit NASA web, or

Remember that "Buzz Lightyear" is showing that he can go anywhere in space.
When he says, "To infinity and beyond" 

  In memory of John Horton Conway.
Today 2021.04.07, I became aware of the sad realities of the world pandemic that still roam in all countries of our our planet.
John Horton Conway passed away 2020-04-11 (almost 1 year ago) at the age of 82, he died of complications from COVID-19.

Let us remember John for his work on our SOMA Puzzles, his fantastic creation of the Automata LIFE.
Not to mention his numerous contribution to the mathematical aspect of games and puzzles.
Particularly how the Soma cube was analyzed in detail by John Horton Conway in the September 1958 Mathematical Games column in Scientific American, and how the book Winning Ways for your Mathematical Plays also contains his detailed analysis of the Soma cube problem.

A lot of link's can be found in the   Newsletter 2021.04.07   John Horton Conway

  Sometimes - we want to believe in something good.
Today 2021.02.17, it is a rainy gray day here in Denmark. The snow is slowly melting and my friend Tim Fielding just sent me this.
Together with a quiet reference to Led Zeppelin - "Stairway to Heaven Live"   "And she's buying a stairway to heaven"

And maybe, in these days of Covid19 virus lockdown - These lines will inspire hope for all.
    "And it's whispered that soon, if we all call the tune - Then the piper will lead us to reason
    "And a new day will dawn for those who stand long - And the forests will echo with laughter"

Enjoy my friend

  7 SOMA pieces in a 64 cube box ?
Well. today 2020.10.04, my friend Volker Latussek showed me a new puzzle.
During time Volker has defined many fine questions for SOMA players.
Like the "Dice SOMA" here on the front page. And the Newsletter 2017.10.07 B&W Anti-Slide
But he has also made a range of SOMA puzzles on the theme of "Packing the pieces into a box through one or two holes."

Today he told me about a NEW puzzle. The Shrinking SOMA. Available at ...
"Well" it appear that my link to a sale of the 'Scrinking SOMA' has vanished. But luckily Mr. Bob Nungester found that it had been moved from the page of available puzzles to the Gallery of older puzzles that are no longer available for purchase. Anyway, here it is. Visible at

The "simple" Quest is to have a box with the internal size of 4 x 4 x 4 cubes. And a SOMA cube with the size 3 x 3 x 3 cubes.
Then take the 7 SOMA pieces, put them into the box, so that NO piece will move. (This is called an "Anti-slide Puzzle")
Even when you shake the box or flip it upside down. Plus - the SOMA pieces cover the entire front of the box.
Ps. You are of course allowed to cover the box opening while shaking.
I am absolutely sure that this Quest WILL keep you sleepless for a long time.

Can it really be done - Well, hrmm . . . Yes, It actually can be done. But how . . . that is the real question.

  A Christmas 2019 Quest
It is now 2019-12-22. and Paul Habere mailed me a question:
We know from That it is NOT possible to colour the outside of a cube in black, undo the cube, and then
reassemble the cube pieces so that all the faces coloured in black are inside, that is, so that there are no faces coloured in black at all?

However - A similar question is asked.
If we have a cube made of all white pieces, and then paint it black on two opposing sides,
can it then be taken apart, and reassembled into a completely white cube ??

Please send any proof of "Why it can not" to me.
OR - If it IS possible :-) Then mail a description of how the cube was assembled before, and after.
awaiting answer

  Navigating ALL the SOMA charts
Today is 2019-07-09. And from now it is possible to walk through all the figure maps, using the [Left] & [Right] arrow keys
or a set of buttons placed under the figure sheet. [ < | ☰ | > ]
Press [F1] or click [☰] to toggle a quick menu for jumping.
Mouse click to select, or use [Up] & [Down] keys to highlight, then [Enter] to select or [Esc] to abort.
Thank you to my son Mikkel for making this navigator module. He is the best. :-)

  A DICE SOMA - is it possible ?
In a Newsletter you may read about a spotted SOMA, and our complex search for the solution.
But today (2018.04.11), my friend Volker Latussek asked a similar question - that I will pass on to you all.
I am sure it will keep you sleepless for many weeks to come.
Imagine a SOMA set of 7 pieces.   3 pieces are colored blue,   4 are white.
      "Your task - should you choose to accept it"
Is to assemble a DICE-cube where each of the 6 sides have 9 "eye" fields.
One side has 1 blue field, another 2 blue, then 3, 4, 5, and 6 blue fields.
And of course, just like a playing dice, the sum of blue fields on opposing sides is 7.
Is it possible. ??? ?? ? .... Yes it is. but for now - I will keep Volker's solution a secret.
It will eventually be revealed on this website.

  A new figure collection
In december 2017 Tim Fielding added a collection of over 1000 SOMA puzzles, as well as a
complete set of figure drawings. And then Tim even made this pretty poster.
Try moving your mouse over the poster.

You may jump directly to the first page of these figures Here.

Now it's october 2021 Tim Fielding reached 1500+ figures - This pretty poster is a teaser.
Go directly to the newest set starting at T1001 Here.

In the SOMA Addict Newsletter 1999.01.18 Vol.2 No.1 page.2 Right side column (page 10 in the PDF file) we can read:
"Finally, since some SOMA Addicts may well also be error-counters, we also acknowledge that the first edition
of the Parker Brothers SOMA Booklet contained a counting-sketching error in the SAM'S SITTING DOG figure.
That error IS the only way one can identify that presumably VERY VALUABLE first-edition booklet."

OOH: - An identifiable "First-edition" sound very interesting - but...... Being "valuable" indicates that it must be quite rare.
Checking ALL my versions of the Parker booklets, show that I do NOT have that version.
SO - If anyone has the Parker SOMA Booklet with a counting error in "Sam's sitting dog" - probably on page 19
Then I would very much ask for either a Color scan of the booklet, or permission to borrow it so that I can make the scans.

By 2021-02-19 I was really lucky. A mail from Dennis Rapisardi arrived, telling me that he had that booklet.
The story can be read here: Newsletter 2016.08.17 (Updated Version)
And Dennis let me even borrow the booklet. So I was able to scan the entire edition.
Of course 99% is the same as in the following issue, BUT page 19, AND also page 18 are different, which is important historically.
So, now a fine scan of the entire booklet, can be read and downloaded.

HELP:   In Newsletter 2008.04.27 we work on a special "Spotted SOMA".
We have found possible solutions, but we are missing historic facts.
"IF" You know anything about this spotted version of the SOMA puzzle,
then please contact me on mail. Anything about this version is appreciated.

  A series of questions are asked in the following Newsletters. IF you know anything, then please write to me.
N2008.04.27 "The Spotted SOMA" - - A solution has been found, but we need historic info.
N1998.12.01 "SOMA Alternatives (Checkered, Couples, Balancing)"
N2016.07.07 "SOMA can start with small children."
N2016.07.09 "Apparently correct figures." Is solved.
N2016.07.10 "Distribution of SOMA solutions." Is solved.
N2012.04.02 "Parity and Symmetry" - - The puzzle question from 2012/01 has been solved.
Puzzles         "V076100" and "V101125" The figures V095 - V122 had no solutions, but on (2017.08.06 Bob Nungester has sendt the solutions [V118 seem impossible]).
                      By 2018.03.15 Robert Staatz suggest using 2 hidden cubes to make V118.
N2010.02.18 "Ross SOMA Solver." Contact is lost to Ross. I am looking for someone that can make a similar Solver for Online web use.

  What is SOMA ?
  Problems worthy of attack, Prove their worth by hitting back. (Piet Hein)
From time to time, man have tried to construct a threedimensional puzzle.
In no circumstances has it, succeeded so well as with the SOMA cube, invented by the Danish Author Piet Hein.

    If you recognize this, Then you know the power of SOMA.
If you don't - then read this web site.

Having the seven Soma pieces in hand, first try to form the infamous 3x3x3 cube. There are 240 independent ways of making this cube.
Aside from cubes, there are thousands of geometric shapes that can be created from the seven simple Soma pieces.
Within these Figure pages, there are many figures (ALL that I know actually) which can be built using the SOMA pieces.
Some of the figures will require your imagination to figure out where unseen cubes or holes belong.
When you have succeeded in making figures from these pages, try to develop some of your own.

And if you have any new figures, then please let me know.


To see this movie, press the (▶) on this picture.

The video is also available on YouTube: -   "SOMA CUBE ANIMATION (12 figures, 3D puzzle solution)".

For many years the descriptions and drawings were the way
we saw the SOMA puzzle.
Now however, Ronald Deckert and his friends at
have created the most beautifull video of the SOMA puzzle.
So. It's only to say - enjoy the video and the music.
Do notice the 3 new figures - "Lion", "Elephant" and "Airplane" .

By the way, Ronald also made a really pretty strategy game called Dr.D.
Now the description is in German, but if you don't read that, then ask Google to translate.

  WHO are YOU ????????????
This homepage is a place for people with some (short or long) interest in 3D puzzles.
My hit counter show that this SOMA page have around 5 hits per day. So - YOU - who are reading this.
Please send an Email to me at
Tell me "Who you are", "Where you live" and "how You use SOMA"
Obs: The SOMA users world map is NO longer updated.
Message to you all:
Any letter or Email you send to me, will be answered quickly. However I am slow (Very slow... as maple syrup in the winter)
to get anything put on my web pages.
The reason? well - being a college teacher in mathematics, electronics and technology require a huge effort in reading, preparing etc.
so... the SOMA page comes second.

Enjoy your puzzling - with friendly wishes: Thorleif.