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To read about my game IACTA, Checkout the 2001.09.06 Newsletter.

Status of this site.
2023.10.25 The Newsletter: 2023.10.25 where SOMAP is being explored, by Manfred Arens.
2023.10.25 The SOMA frontpage at 2023.10.25, show the News that the "Herzberger Quader" will be produced again. 40 years after the first release. Now by Mr. Rainer Gutsche.
2023.08.21 The Newsletter: 2011.02.03 about BABYLON has been finalized with information from 'Pappp'.
2023.07.14 The Newsletter: 2023.07.14 The American SOMA Solver programs are Vastly improved. Now v4.0, by Bob Nungester.
2023.07.12 Updated Figure page T001025.HTM: Added a link to the story about Tim and his 2000 figures.
2023.02.20 Updated Newsletter: 1999.02.25 Our old TBU+CMcF SOLVE DOS program, now run in a Windows frame. Thanks to Mikkel Bjørnmose Bundgaard.
2023.01.02 The Newsletter: 2023.01.02 Dominoes may count 27 like SOMA, by Andy Lewicki.
2022.12.30 The Tim figure collection has been expanded by 300 more figures. Now.0001 - 2000, by Tim Fielding.
2022.12.25 The Newsletter: 2022.12.25 An STL control file to make your own 3D printet SOMA (assuming you have a 3D printer), by Paulo Ortolan.
2022.08.20 Figure page: SP026050 Errors in the solution descriptions are now corrected, thanks to Delcio Fernando Dellabetta.
2022.01.16 The Tim figure collection has been expanded by 200 more figures. Nr.1501 - 1700, by Tim Fielding.
2022.01.02 The Tim figure collection now has a page of Chess figures. by Tim Fielding.
2021.10.17 The Tim figure collection has been expanded by 500 more figures. Nr.1001 - 1500, by Tim Fielding.
2021.07.17 The Newsletter: 2001.09.06 Game of IACTAplus - has been updated with game explanations and a few expansions, by Thorleif Bundgaard. Daniel Sanzer and Paul Habere.
2021.06.25 The Newsletter: 2005.01.06 rhōma - a slanting SOMA, has been updated with a letter and a video, by Jim Allen.
2021.05.22 The Newsletter: 2016.08.17 One more SOMA booklet V00 has been found and scanned, by Dennis Rapisardi.
2021.04.07 The Newsletter: 2021.04.07 is In memory of John Horton Conway, by Thorleif Bundgaard.
2021.04.05 The Newsletter: A huge expansion of the SOMA+plus / "Herzberger Quader" Newsletter (from 2000.08.14), by Bob Nungester and Ellen Mumford.
2020.12.20 The Newsletter: 2020.12.20 The "SOMA Trade Game", a story expanded by Bob Nungester.
2020.12.05 The Newsletter: 2020.12.05 The American SOMA Solver programs are expanded with figure compare, by Bob Nungester.
2020.09.27 The Newsletter: 2020.09.17 Simpler proof of SOMA height and Mathematics, by Bob Nungester.
2020.09.17 The Newsletter: 2020.09.17 Interesting SOMA height and Mathematics, by Tim Fielding & Thorleif Bundgaard.
2020.09.04 The Newsletter: 2020.09.04 SOMA in Red, White and Blue. Hiding a color, by Bob Nungester.
2020.06.10 The Newsletter: 2020.06.10 Show a totally new way to visualize SOMA cube solutions. by Bob Nungester.
2020.06.09 The Newsletter: 2018.10.06 An interesting note about the history of finding SOMAP. by Bob Nungester. (Sorry for the delay in publishing)
2019.12.05 The Newsletter: 2019.12.05 List all 240 SOMA cube solutions in both Number and Letter notation. by Tim Fielding and Thorleif Bundgaard.
2019.08.02 Figure pages: 2019.08.02 A figure navigator has been added to all figure pages, now allowing you to quickly flip between pages. Made by Mikkel Bundgaard.
2018.12.24 A document: 2018.12.24 To read and print. For first time players, is added to the SOMA frontpage by Thorleif Bundgaard.
2018.10.06 The Newsletter: 2018.10.06 is holding an in depth analysis "Examining the SOMAP in greater depth" by Bob Nungester.
2018.10.02 Figures: T876 - T1000 Wow, Tim made it to 1000 pretty and imaginative figures - Enjoy them, found by Tim Fielding.
2018.09.16 Figures: T601 - T875 More fantastic figures, found by Tim Fielding.
2018.06.27 Figures: T501 - T600 More great figures, found by Tim Fielding.
2018.06.26 The Newsletter: 2017.07.02 & 2008.04.27 Has new information added for "A spotted SOMA", by Michael Kragh Pedersen
2018.06.29 Figures: N023 - N026 .. 4 more figures NOT using 7 pieces, found by Tim Fielding.
2018.06.06 Figures: TS001 - TS025 A collection of special figures, found by Tim Fielding.
2018.06.06 Figures: TX001 - TX025 A collection of 2X and 3X figures, found by Tim Fielding.
2018.06.06 Figures: T201 - T500 A fantastic extension of new figures, found by Tim Fielding.
2017.12.19 Figures: Double size pieces in the Special SOMA collection by Thorleif Bundgaard.
2017.12.14 Figures: The "Star Wars Battle Droid" figure A0740 and 2 "Piranha" by Ronald Deckert.
2017.12.04 Figures: T001 - T200 A complete new set of figures, found by Tim Fielding.
2017.11.18 The Newsletter: 2017.08.05 has added information, by Ray Gardner.
2017.10.07 A Newsletter: Black and White 'Anti slide' SOMA, by Theo Geerinck.
2017.09.16 The Newsletter: 2016.08.17 The section "An early Parker Brothers manual" is moved, from just below 1969, To 1966, because its content is almost a copy of the 1966 Danish manual, by Thorleif Bundgaard.
2017.09.16 SOMA Web: The frontpage of this web has been given a long overdue facelift, by Thorleif Bundgaard.
2017.09.01 The Newsletter: New American SOMA Solver program now hold the newest most advanced programs, by Bob Nungester.
2017.08.31 The Newsletter: 1999.01.18 has been updated with an impressive scan of the original SOMA Addict by Clyde Ankenbauer.
2017.08.15 The Newsletter: 1999.11.16 is cleared and 2000.01.12 updated: The American SOMA Solver program by Bob Nungester.
2017.08.07 The Newsletter: 2016.09.22 about "The Balancing SOMA" was split from Newsletter 1998.12.01, by 'various contributors' .
2017.08.06 Figures: V095 - V122 now have solutions, found by Bob Nungester.
2016.07.08 The Newsletter: 2016.07.08 "SOMA and LEGO" is updated with video, by Thorleif Bundgaard.
2017.08.09 The Newsletter: 2016.07.10 "Distribution of SOMA solutions" is updated, by Thorleif Bundgaard.
2017.08.05 A Newsletter: SKOR-MOR, One more SOMA producer, by Rick Nungester.
2017.07.21 A Newsletter: Build SOMA inside a box, by Paul Arzul.
2017.07.19 A Newsletter: Short Secret messages, by Thorleif Bundgaard.
2017.07.11 A Newsletter: A lot more about SOMAP, by Merv Eberhardt.
2017.07.09 The Newsletter: 2016.07.09 "Apparently correct figures" now have solutions, by Bob Nungester.
2017.07.09 The Newsletter: 2011.10.06 Pictures has been added to the DBOX Newsletter.
2017.07.07 The Newsletter: 2001.09.20 A video with upto 6D is added to - Cubes in 4 dimensions.
2017.07.02 The Newsletter: 2008.04.27 "A spotted SOMA" now have a solution, by Bob Nungester and (Thorleif, Theo, Mike)
2017.02.22 A Newsletter: KUBISME, a bird of a different feather, by Henrik Lykkeberg.
2017.02.24 Figures: Alternate solution to 057 and 115. New figures 735 - 739 by Tim Fielding.
2017.02.15 Figure: Double:53 is a Living room from 2 SOMA's by Daniel Brenis Zakimi.
2016.12.28 A Newsletter: SOMA starters figure cards (and SOMA webshop), by Thorleif Bundgaard.
2016.12.28 A users link: added to the page "SOMA Links & Producers adresses" for Jean-Christophe Beumier.
2016.09.25 The "History of SOMA": has been updated with an article about Piet Hein, by Thorleif Bundgaard.
2016.08.28 The Newsletter: 1999.12.01 has received a new article, by Hartwig Beusch.
2016.08.19 The Newsletter: 1999.01.18 The 4 issues of SOMA Addict is now rescanned in high resolution, by Thorleif Bundgaard.
2016.08.17 The Newsletter: Collecting the electronic versions of SOMA manuals in one place.
The old Newsletters 1998.12.10 Parker Brothers SOMA manual and 1998.12.14 An original 1967 Danish manual Only redirects.
2016.08.17 The Newsletter: Additions to 1999.10.26 New photos of the Parker Brothers blue and red SOMA.
2016.08.06 A Newsletter: A whole graphical SOMA presentation (incl all 240 cube solutions), by Jan de Groot.
2016.08.03 Figures: Added 35 more Doubleset figures D076 - 110 "Sliders" by Bob Allen.
2016.07.21 Figures: 28 New SOMA figures (V095-V122) by Viktor and Yulia Kovalskyy.
2016.07.17 A Newsletter: The Web Simulator, by Shane Passon.
2016.07.15 A Newsletter: The SOMA Timeline, by Thorleif Bundgaard.
2016.07.10 A Newsletter: Distribution of SOMA solutions, by Marie and Petey (A potential question).
2016.07.09 A Newsletter: Apparently correct figures, by JaggerG.
2016.07.08 A Newsletter: SOMA and LEGO, by Eric Harshbarger.
2016.07.07 A Newsletter: SOMA can start with small children, by Roman Marks.
2016.07.02 A Newsletter: Lots of SOMA figures in a 183 page book, by Hiromu Ishii.
2016.07.01 A Newsletter: How to glue your own cardboard SOMA, by Gaëtan Paradis.
2016.06.20 Figures: Added 9 more figures A0725 - 733 by Winston/CHANG,TING-WEI. | And fig.734 by Bob Allen.
2016.06.13 A Newsletter: SOMA in beautyful metal, by Jan de Groot.
2016.06.10 The Newsletter: 2012.12.19 Updated the text about Heisenberg.
2016.06.10 The Newsletter: 2008.04.27 Updated with a drawing of the spotted soma.
2016.06.10 The Newsletter: 2000.02.24 Updated with a new scan of the Tickertape instructions.
2016.06.10 The Newsletter: 1999.10.26 Updated with a Brass SOMA by Kevin Suffecool.
2016.06.10 The Newsletter: 1998.12.01 Updated text about balancing SOMA's, by Matt Esser.
2016.05.09 A Newsletter: A way to solve the SOMAP, by Merv Eberhardt..
2016.01.05 A Newsletter: Ed's Continued Quest for all solutions, by Ed Vogel.
2015.10.08 A Newsletter: The Normalization of SOMA solutions, by Merv Eberhardt.
2015.07.28 A Newsletter: Ed's Quest for all solutions, by Ed Vogel.
2015.05.22 Figures: Added 3 more figures A0722 - 724 by Winston/CHANG,TING-WEI.
2015.04.15 The Newsletter: Additions to 2008.04.27 More dots by Theo Geerinck.
2015.02.20 Figures: Added 1 figure A0721 by Students from 1R in Aarhus College.
2015.02.12 Figures: Added 2 figures N0021 - N0022 by John Smith.
2015.02.01 Figures: Added 12 figures A0709 - A0720 by John Smith.
2014.11.26 A Newsletter: Graph Theoretic Methods for SOMA, by Ed Vogel.
2014.06.16 A Newsletter: Educational SOMA playing cards, by Paul Matthies.
2014.02.18 A Newsletter: 2010.02.18 is created to hold the Ross SOMA solver, by Thorleif Bundgaard.
2013.12.12 A Newsletter: Looking at the SOMA arena, by Stevica Kronic.
2013.12.08 A Figure: An improved solution to figure E01 (of newsletter 2012.12.25), by Stevica Kronić.
2013.11.08 A Newsletter: Showing solutions in a new online viewer, by James Brink.
2013.11.04 Figures: Added 29 figures A0680 - A0708 by Winston/CHANG,TING-WEI.
2013.09.06 Figures: The "Squirrel" figure A0676 and 3 more by Ronald Deckert.
2013.07.31 A Newsletter: SOMA Swinging Shapes, by Charles Santee.
2013.07.14 A Newsletter: New way of drawing SOMA (re. SOMAP), by Furman Smith.
2013.07.11 A Newsletter: SOMA and building strong values, by Lyndon Hawke.
2013.06.30 A Newsletter: One more update to "There are other Cube puzzles, by Isidor Bressler 2000.05.28 & 2010.10.25".
2013.02.01 A Newsletter: Meet Mr. Piet Hein by Thorleif Bundgaard.
2012.12.29 Figures: The 2420 figure descriptions by Wilson A. Yap and Nelson S. Yap now have drawings.
2012.12.25 A Newsletter: A new set of app. 100 figures by Matt Cyr.
A Figureset: by Matt Cyr.
2012.12.19 A Newsletter: The Heisenberg relations to SOMA by Thorleif Bundgaard.
2012.11.15 A Newsletter: An update to Newsletter 1998.12.01 by Hartwig Beusch.
2012.08.27 A Newsletter: A new Interlocking SOMA is presented by Steve Winter.
2012.08.05 A Newsletter: SOMA observed in Aarhus, Denmark by Katrine Bundgaard.
2012.04.02 A Newsletter: Parity and Symmetry ? by Doug Caine.
2011.11.14 A Newsletter: Why are the pieces labelled as they are? by Thorleif Bundgaard.
2011.10.06 A Newsletter: DBOX a fun way to SOMA by Thorleif Bundgaard.
2011.02.03 A Newsletter: BABYLON Another puzzle ? by William Kustes.
2011.01.06 A Newsletter: A web viewer for SOMA by Jose Vasconcellos.
2010.10.25 A Newsletter: Update to "There are other Cube puzzles, by Isidor Bressler 2000.05.28" by Isidor Bressler.
2010.04.10 A Newsletter: update to "The many faces of Soma 1999.10.26 & 2009.07.29" by Patrick Parrish.
2010.04.04 A Newsletter: The SOMA Timeline by Thorleif Bundgaard.
2010.04.03 A Newsletter: A 4 set SOMA figure is large by Paulo.
2010.04.02 A Newsletter: The MondoBlogo SOMA box (With marbleSOMA) by Patrick Parrish.
2010.04.01 A Newsletter: A SOMA Screen saver by Kelley Nielsen.
2009.07.29 A Newsletter: An update to "The many faces of Soma 1999.10.26" by Pat Ashforth.
2009.06.05 Several New SOMA figures (A0672, 675) by Thomas Goodnow.
2009.06.02 A Newsletter: The iPhone game "Cubismo" by rod bowkett.
2008.12.25 A Newsletter: Who was Skjøde. More to the history.
2008.04.27 A Newsletter: A spotted SOMA by Theo Geerinck.
2007.07.29 A Newsletter: A SOMA leaflet is scanned by Lynn Willis.
2007.05.29 Several New SOMA figures (A0666, 671) by Tim Fielding.
2007.05.10 A Newsletter: 1-3rd graders enjoy puzzling with SOMA, by Tom Keeler.
2006.11.02 A Newsletter: Piet Hein A/S Release "BIG" SOMA..
2006.10.22 A Newsletter: Who was Skjøde. Reprinting an article.
2006.09.20 4 New SOMA figures (A0662-A0665) by Ron Woods.
2006.08.08 A Newsletter: Follow the Minnesota State Fair by Edward Vogel.
2006.08.07 A SOMA+ figure SOMAP 077 is made by Ken Adelman.
2006.06.02 A Newsletter: Jim Waters reports many more solutions in Newsletter 1998.12.01
2006.06.02 A Newsletter: Burr Tools, a new puzzle program by Andreas Röver.
2005.06.05 A Program: Check out this smart web based cube solving program, by Reinier Feijen.
2005.01.06 A Newsletter: rhōma - a slanting SOMA, by Marvin Solit.
2004.11.04 A New SOMA figure (A0661) by Philippe Matet.
2004.10.07 A Newsletter: Analysis of the checkerboard Soma by Anthony P. Rizzo.
2004.08.15 A New SOMA figures (A0660) again by Shannon Murdoch.
2004.06.08 A new figure (A645) by Jens Andersen Schultz.
2004.04.13 14 new figures (A646-A659) by David McIntosh.
2004.03.20 A new SOLVER (Newsletter:N040320) A universal solver by Marc Moerig.
2004.01.19 A Newsletter: A discussion of the universe by Thorleif Bundgaard.
2004.01.04 A Newsletter: A SOMA board game by Andreas Gunnarsson.
2004.01.02 A Newsletter: Mirroring and SOMA by Edwin B. Hathaway.
2004.01.02 A new figure (A644) by Laszlo Degrell.
2004.01.02 New people are added to the world map, and new product links to the link page.
2003.10.26 A new SOLVER (Newsletter:N031026) Wow it's fast by Bruce Cropley.
2003.10.24 New figures (B090) by Thorleif Bundgaard.
2003.09.24 A Newsletter: Stacking Oranges - Is there a link ? by Thorleif Bundgaard.
2003.09.24 New Links in the link page, New people on the world map.
2003.09.14 3 New Doubleset figures (BD037-BD039) by Thorleif Bundgaard.
2003.08.20 A Newsletter: LiveCube - Another puzzle ? by Thorleif Bundgaard.
2003.07.24 A Newsletter: The (Almost) Impossible Cube by Rob Hartmann.
2003.06.26 Piet Hein Homepage: The official Piet Hein homepage is open.
English Piet Hein Homepage:
2003.06.25 A New SOMA figure (A0643) by Josh Phillips.
2003.05.18 A Newsletter: The complete "SOMAP" is found by William Kustes.
2003.05.03 A New SOMA figures (A0636-A0642) by William Kustes.
2003.05.03 Update of Newsletters:2000.05.28 and 2003.04.12
2003.04.12 A Newsletter: SOMAcube sticking out by Andreas Gunnarsson.
2003.03.10 A Newsletter: SOMA is OLDER than we thought by Ole Poul Pedersen.
2003.03.07 Update of Newsletter: 2000.05.28 There are other Cube puzzles, by Isidor Bressler.
2003.03.05 A Newsletter: The oldest SOMA ? by Ole Poul Pedersen.
2003.01.30 A New SOMA figures (A0635) by Shannon Murdoch.
2003.01.30 2 New SOMA figures (A0633-A0634) by Jan B. Krcmar.
2002.07.30 Just as you thought the could be no more new figures:
2420 New SOMA figures (Y0001-Y2420) by Wilson Yap and his father Nelson S. Yap.
OBS: Because of the enormous magnitude of this figure collection, only the first 25 have been shown as drawings, but do try to assemble the rest if you have a few months to spare. !!
2002.07.20 19 New SOMA figures (B075-B089)(BD034-BD036)(BI017) by Thorleif and Mikkel Bundgaard.
2002.07.13 Figure A053: Away to do it is explained by Steve Mai.
New SOMA figures (A631,A632) two more figures by Steve Mai.
2002.07.02 A Newsletter: The tallest figure by Jay Chan.
2002.06.21 A Newsletter: Worlds largest SOMA of cardboard boxes by Ed Vogel.
2002.01.07 A Newsletter: Cubes of soapwater by Thorleif Bundgaard.
2001.12.3 4 New SOMA figures (B071-B074) by Mikkel Bundgaard.
94 New SOMA figures (V001-V094) by Viktor and Yulia Kovalskyy.
2001.11.27 A Newsletter: What is Symmetry by Bob Allen.
2001.09.20 A Newsletter: Cubes in 4 dimensions by Thorleif Bundgaard.
2001.09.19 A Newsletter: Coloring a SOMA cube.
2001.09.06 A Newsletter: IACTA a Dice game by Thorleif Bundgaard.
IACTA is not SOMA. It is a completely new dice game for 2 players from 8 years.

Many games build on historic games or complicated rules.
  • IACTA is not like these games.
  • IACTA is simple and yet advanced.
  • IACTA allow skilled players to play against lesser skilled.
    Try for yourself to throw the dice and experience a facinating game, where a combination of luck and strategy will lead you to victory.

    Go directly to the Newsletter Here.

  • 2001.08.21 3 New SOMA figures (B068-B070) by Thorleif Bundgaard.
    2001.08.05 117 New SOMA figures A276300,A301325
    A326350,A351375,A376400,A401425 (286-401)
    figures from Victor Kovalskyy.
    232 New SOMA figures A401425,A426450
    A551575,A576600,A601625,A626650 (402-630)
    figures from Wilson A. Yap.
    New persons on the SOMA World map
    2001.06.17 3 New SOMA figures A276300 (283-285) by Bob Allen
    2001.04.24 12 New SOMA figures A251275 (264-275) figures from Prag 'Kotska'.
    7 New SOMA figures A276300(276-282) figures from Prag 'Kotska'.
    New SOMA figures D026050 Jim Adams has added a solution to 040A = CAMEL II.
    2 New SOMA figures D051075 Jim Adams add 051 & 052 Double figures.
    2001.04.15 A Newsletter: An Easter trip to PRAGUE, by Thorleif Bundgaard.

    By the way :- Nothing is really happening right now, so IF you want more newsletters then YOU must send me figures, or stories (With pictures if possible) relating to SOMA.
    2001.01.23 An error in the History page is found by Frans W. MAES.
    2001.01.22 3 New SOMA figures (261-263) by Jasper van Santen.
    2 SOMA+plus figures (P075-P076) by Jasper van Santen.
    1 New SOMA figure (B067) by Thorleif Bundgaard.
    2001.01.20 3 New SOMA figures (258-260) by Bob Allen.
    A new Link to the russian
    2001.01.14 4 New SOMA figures (234-237) by Clint Cummins.
    20 New SOMA figures (238-257) by Bob Allen.
    2001.1.10 A Newsletter: A SOMA article from "Mathematical Solitaires & Games", by Benjamin Schwartz.
    2001.1.9 A Newsletter: A collection of figures, by Torsten Sillke.
    2001.01.7 Alternative solution to SOMAplus 052 by Bob Allen.
    SOMA A233 a dog by Bob Allen.
    New SOMAplus(064-074) figures by Lluis R.
    SOLVE V1.2.1 Now will now also display SOMA+plus figures (No Solving of SOMA+plus though) by Thorleif Bundgaard.
    2001.01.4 36 New SOMA figures WW8/WW8A by Courtney McFarren.
    New SOMAplus(051-063) figures by Jim Adams.
    2000.12.03 A Newsletter: The parity Proof. (Jotun's proof).
    2000.11.29 A Newsletter: The worlds largest SOMA, by Jan Kappen.
    2000.11.28 A Newsletter: A new fantastic SOMA program, by Ross Channing. [Replaced by Newsletter 2010.02.18]
    2000.11.27 A Newsletter: Impossibility Proof for the Five Square, by Jerry Solinas.
    2000.11.23 New SOMA (B064-B066) figures by Thorleif Bundgaard.
    2000.11.22 A new address in the SOMA link page.
    And more Dot's on the SOMA world map.
    2000.11.11 New SOMAplus(BP001) figure by Thorleif Bundgaard.
    2000.09.18 New SOMAplus(026-050) figures by Lluis Rubio Suárez Pazos.
    2000.09.07 A New version of Figure Notation method
    2000.08.28 New SOMAplus(001-025) figures by Lluis Rubio Suárez Pazos.
    Changed the name of the last SOMAplus piece from 'O' to 'S' in the SOMAplus newsletter.!
    2000.08.23 New figures by Lluis Rubio Suárez Pazos.
    LF014(340-350) LF015(351-363) LS001(018-025)
    2000.08.14 A Newsletter: Is there a SOMA+plus ?, by Thorleif Bundgaard.
    2000.08.14 3 figures: Mikkel Bundgaard. B062, B063, BD033
    1 figure: Henrik Carstensen A232
    2000.07.02 39 figures: Lluis Pazos has made some nice new figures. No.301-339
    2000.05.28 A Newsletter: There are other Cube puzzles, by Isidor Bressler.
    2000.03.23 67016 figures: Bob Nungster has found and solved 67016 doubleset polyominoes. You can mail to Bob if you want his amazing 2.7 MB file.
    2000.02.24 Newsletter Folding SOMA pieces of 'Tickertape', by Sebastian Marius Kirsch.
    2000.02.24 14 New Double figures D026050: 037 - 050 by Jim Adams.
    2000.02.19 6 New figures A226250: 226 - 231 by André Beausoleil.
    2000.02.10 Foto's I've just got a new foto in the 1998.11.22 Newsletter
    2000.02.09 Newsletter Twisting SOMA figures, by Bob Allen
    2000.02.08 25 New figures from Bob Allen (Standard 201 - 225)
    2000.02.03 8 New figures by James(Jim) E. Adams Jr. (Standard 193 - 200)
    2000.01.27 Newsletter A new W-WALL impossibility proof, from Taiwan.
    New World Map dots
    New Link at the end of the link page
    2000.01.24 Updated Bob Nungester's Figure comparison program V1.1
    2000.01.20 NewsLetter Thorleif explores Folding SOMA figures.
    NewsLetter Philip tell's A short story of eureka.
    new figures B051075: 059, 060, 061 From Thorleif.
    2000.01.15 Mikkel made a new doubleset figure BD026050:032
    2000.01.12 A NewsLetter with All Bob Nungester's Newest programs.
    2000.01.12 More new figures have been added
    D026050: 029, 030, 032, 033, 034, 035, 036 by Bob Nungester
    D026050: 031 by Bob Allen
    A176200: 191, 192 Bob Allen shows Strange symmetries.
    2000.01.11 A lot of new figures have been added
    BS001025: 001, 002, 003, 004
    LF011: 251 - 275
    LF012: 276 - 300
    LS001: 001 - 017
    The two large index pages ALL SOMA Figure images and Figure (Number index) have been removed they were just too tedious to keep up to date. (Sorry).
    2000.01.11 Our SOMA page has been included in the 'Mind Sports Directory' by MSO Worldwide. at
    1999.12.24 I got SOMA cubes for christmas, see them in the Welcome Newsletter that I have just updated.
    1999.12.08 I have accuired a Domain Name
    This will be the new main address of both my family pages and these SOMA pages.
    All pages will however be mirrored on the address for a long time.
    ALL mail links have been changed to redirect you to a common address page.
    1999.12.02 34 New figures from Lluis Rubio Suárez-Pazos
    LF009/F217 - 225, LF010/F226 - 250
    1999.11.30 News letter The 48 Symmetries of SOMA by Bob Nungester.
    1999.11.16 News letter A Windows SOMA Solver program by Bob Nungester. (Now redirects to 2000.01.12)
    1999.11.14 18 New figures from C.Kay Marshall
    KC002: 036, 037, 038, 039, 040, 041, 042, 043, 044, 045, 046
    KF001: 016
    KG002: 027, 028, 029, 030
    KT001: 022
    KW001: 011
    1999.11.11 World map has added Bob Nungester.
    Updated HelpPage added Bob Nungester
    Updated LinkPage 2 new links.
    1999.11.09 News Letter About 1 - 9 Ominoes and SOMA. Especially the trick of OCTOMINOES.
    1999.10.29 141 New figures from Lluis Rubio Suárez-Pazos
    LF001/F025, LF003/F075, LF004/F076 - F100, LF005/F101 - F125, LF006/F126 - F150, LF007/F151 - F175 LF008/F176 - F200, LF009/F201 - F216
    1999.10.26 Newsletter The many faces of SOMA.
    World Map New players
    1999.10.25 New and Solved Figures by T+K+M Bundgaard
    Solved D001025: D025
    Solved D026050: D027
    Solved DS001025: DS001, DS006, DS007
    New B051075: B054, B055, B056, B057, B058
    New BD001025: BD022, BD023, BD024, BD025
    New BD026050: BD026, BD027, BD028, BD029, BD030, BD31
    New BI001025: BI015, BI016
    New dots on the Players worldmap.
    1999.10.18 World Map Now allow clicking on the map.
    Newsletter About Piets game "Hex".
    New link to a PietHein page
    1999.10.14 Ana Mendoza Added the figures A182 and A183.
    Ana (16 years old, Spain, Cadaques) also wrote a a letter about Soma, which appeared in the Spanish paper 'El Pais'
    1999.10.12 New Stuff: A new player dot in Iowa.USA.
    New Newsletter. about Piets other puzzle "Pyramystery".
    A few revisions to the 1998.11.22 Newsletter.
    1999.10.05 Updated: the text "Figure Notation method".
    1999.10.04 Newsletter: Build your own SOMA pieces from paper ORIGAMI.
    1999.09.28 Small stuff: Two more links. Australia now on the world map (Ross Channing).
    1999.09.21 Bob Allen: made some corrections to his 9.9.1999 Newsletter, and figure A176200: 181
    1999.09.20 SOLVE V1.20: Now a few % faster.
    1999.09.16 Newsletter: Build your own SOMA pieces from dices.
    1999.09.14 New from Katrine Bundgård:
    B051075: 053
    Worldmap now in color.
    1999.09.10 New from Bob Allen:
    A176200: 176, 177, 178, 179, 180
    1999.09.09 Bob Allen: has supplied a newsletter 1999.09.09 about SOMA and Symmetry.
    Richard White: has supplied figure A175 a beautifull Scorpion.
    1999.09.02 Solved: ds001025-002, 003, 004.
    1999.09.01 Added: Newsletter about SOMA in the schools.
    1999.08.31 Changed the coordinate order in the index pages
    The files NUMBER.HTM & NUMBXYZ.HTM have been renumbered so that X>=Y>=Z for all figures.
    The NOTATION.HTM is also updated
    1999.08.30 New from Lluis Rubio Suárez-Pazos
    LF003: 067 - 074
    1999.08.26 New from Lluis R.S. Pazos
    LF003: 062 - 066
    1999.08.21 Corrected: Newsletter 1999.01.10
    1999.08.17 Corrected: a few size errors.
    Updated the World map.
    Figures 170-174 and D028 are found by Bob Allen (
    1999.08.12 SOLVER V1.1.0 is now available.
    1999.08.09 Minor corrections, and text alignment.
    1999.08.04 Corrected: WW6#17
    Reorganized WW5, WW6 and WW7 to the same sequence as used by Courtney McFarren.
    1999.08.04 Corrected: C4E#16 and WW2#16
    Implemented a Crossreference to the figures on Courtney McFarren's homepage.
    1999.08.02 A few new links at the end of the link page.
    1999.08.01 C.McFarren continues his quest for the highest structure in figure 169 he reaches the highest vertical, that really balances.
    1999.07.28 New from Lluis R.S. Pazos
    LF002: 049, 050 LF003: 051 - 061
    1999.07.27 New from Courtney McFarren
    C3D: 01 - 19 CP5: 01 - 21 CP6: 01 - 20 WW7: 01 - 22
    1999.07.26 Back from summer holiday, 13 new Bundgård figures added
    B026050: 046, 047, 048, 049, 050 B051075: 051, 052 BD001025: BD18, BD19, BD20, BD21 BI001025: BI13, BI14
    1999.06.21 A newsletter from Hugo Piet Hein
    1999.06.17 SOMA153 The tallest 'diagonal' by Courtney is added
    In his effort to help me, C.McFarren produced, what I believe is the TALLEST 'Diagonal' SOMA figure. (Figure 153) Check it out!
    1999.06.10 HELP !!
    In soma addict 1.2 Eben Atwater. Concord. Mass, ask: "What is the tallest stable structure you can build with the 7 piece SOMA set ? ..."
    Do you think he used all 7 pieces for this. ? What does the other side look like. ?

    'A' show the structure from front, 'B' is seen from the side.

    I can't figure this one out, so if anyone out there could either solve, or prove unsolvable, I would like to hear.
    Actually it's NOT the tallest diagonal, A153 is taller.
    1999.06.08 Figures added
    A151175: 164, 165, 166, 167 B026050: 045 D001025: 024, 025 D026050: 026, 027 KG001: 025 KG002: 026
    1999.06.07 SOLVE101 is now available
    1999.05.27 Figures added
    A126150: 132, 133, 134, 135, 136, 137, 138, 139, 140, 141, 142, 143, 144, 145, 146, 147, 148, 149, 150
    A151175: 151, 152, 153, 154, 155, 156, 157, 158, 159, 160, 161, 162, 163
    B026050: 044
    BD001025: 011, 012, 013, 014, 015, 016
    D001025: 022, 023
    DS026050: 001, 002, 003, 004, 006, 007, 011, 012, 013, 021, 024
    N001025: 002, 003, 004, 005, 006, 007, 008, 009, 010, 011, 012, 013, 014, 015, 016, 017, 018, 019, 020
    P001025: 008, 009, 010, 011, 012, 013, 014
    D001025:Solved 009, 011, 012, 013, 015
    1999.05.04 Lluis from Spain have donated over 100 figures.
    1999.05.04 Kay from Georgia has updated with 10 more figures.
    KC002 34, 35 KF001 14, 15 KG001 20, 21, 22, 23, [24] KT001 20, 21 KW001 09, 10
    1999.04.15 See the Welcome Letter. Read about Thorleif.

    Link to Thorleif's personal Homepage.