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SOMA News 2 Feb 2020

  Small SOMA Tasks.

During the years, a number of questions have popped up. They are then shown on the frontpage.
However, continuing that way makes the frontpage too big. So ...
The oldest problems have been moved to this page, where you may browse them and try your luck.

  A Christmas 2019 Quest
It is now 2019-12-22. and Paul mailed me a question:
We know from That it is NOT possible to colour the outside of a cube in black, undo the cube, and then
reassemble the cube pieces so that all the faces coloured in black are inside, that is, so that there are no faces coloured in black at all?

However - A similar question is asked.
If we have cube made of all white pieces, and then paint it black on two opposing sides,
can it then be taken apart, and reassembled into a completely white cube ??

Please send any proof of "Why it can not" to me.
OR - If it IS possible :-) Then mail a description of how the cube was assembled before, and after.
awaiting answer .

  A DICE SOMA - is it possible ?
In a Newsletter you may read about a spotted SOMA, and our complex search for the solution.
But today (2018.04.11), my friend Volker Latussek asked a similar question - that I will pass on to you all.
I am sure it will keep you sleepless for many weeks to come.
Imagine a SOMA set of 7 pieces.   3 pieces are colored blue,   4 are white.
      "Your task - should you choose to accept it"
Is to assemble a DICE-cube where each of the 6 sides have 9 "eye" fields.
One side has 1 blue field, another 2 blue, then 3, 4, 5, and 6 blue fields.
And of course, just like a playing dice, the sum of blue fields on opposing sides is 7.
Is it possible. ??? ?? ? .... Yes it is. but for now - I will keep Volker's solution a secret.
It will eventually be revealed on this website.

In the SOMA Addict Newsletter 1999.01.18 Vol.2 No.1 page.2 Right side column (page 10 in the PDF file) we can read:
"Finally, since some SOMA Addicts may well also be error-counters, we also acknowledge that the first edition
of the Parker Brothers SOMA Booklet contained a counting-sketching error in the SAM'S SITTING DOG figure.
That error IS the only way one can identify that presumably VERY VALUABLE first-edition booklet."

OOH: - An identifiable "First-edition" sound very interesting - but...... Being "valuable" indicates that it must be quite rare.
Checking ALL my versions of the Parker booklets, show that I do NOT have that version.
SO - If anyone has the Parker SOMA Booklet with a counting error in "Sam's sitting dog" - probably on page 19
Then I would very much ask for either a Color scan of the booklet, or permission to borrow it so that I can make the scans.

HELP:   In Newsletter 2008.04.27 we work on a special "Spotted SOMA".
We have found possible solutions, but we are missing historic facts.
"IF" You know anything about this spotted version of the SOMA puzzle,
then please contact me on mail. Anything about this version is appreciated.

  A series of questions are asked in the following Newsletters. IF you know anything, then please write to me.
N2008.04.27 "The Spotted SOMA" - - A solution has been found, but we need historic info.
N1998.12.01 "SOMA Alternatives (Checkered, Couples, Balancing)"
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N2016.07.10 "Distribution of SOMA solutions."
N2012.04.02 "Parity and Symmetry" - - The puzzle question from 2012/01 has been solved.
Puzzles         "V076100" and "V101125" The figures V095 - V122 had no solutions, but on (2017.08.06 Bob Nungester has sendt the solutions [V118 seem impossible]).
                      By 2018.03.15 Robert Staatz suggest using 2 hidden cubes to make V118.
N2010.02.18 "Ross SOMA Solver." Contact is lost to Ross. I am looking for someone that can make a similar Solver for Online web use.

Enjoy your puzzling - with friendly wishes: Thorleif.