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SOMA News 7 july 2016

SOMA can start with small children.

This Newsletter is the start of an inspiration from Roman Marks.

Back in October 2015 he wrote to me with a fascinating question. He asked if ....
Oh well - you might as well read the correspondence first.
All the mails happened the same date of 2015-10-08 during a period of a few hours.

Hello Thorleif.

I was very interested in Soma cubes when I as young, but this was long ago.
Now I have my grandchildren growing and I want to introduce them to this 3 dimensional puzzle exercise.
I build several Soma cubes sets.
But now I need pictures of different shapes that can be made out of any 2 pieces, 3 pieces, 4 pieces and so on.
4-6 year old can start with two pieces puzzles and follow with 3 pieces and so on.
Can you advice me where can I copy, print, purchase a book with these shapes.?
Best regards. Roman Marks.
Hi Roman

You are presenting a very good idea. Let small children solve partial puzzles.
However I have never seen a sorting of figures in those groups using 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 pieces.

The only ones that hold less than 7 are in my small collection at Pairs of figures Figures NOT using 7 pieces Irregular figures (4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 11, 12)

More may hide themselves in the rest of the figure collection.
Friendliest - Thorleif Bundgaard
Thank you very much!! I got them.
What I plan to do is to assemble several sets of puzzles prints with different difficulties and time to solve them.
It will give kids, the parents and me the level and speed of thinking.
I hope it will help them to read the print, and develop their three dimensional vision and feel.
They are vey good in assembling pretty elaborate Lego construction with instructions, but, I think it is better for the brain exercise.
Thank you again for your help!!
Sincerely yours, Roman.
You are very welcome.
By the way. If - you produce anything in the form of a document with puzzles of different difficulty, then I might be very interested.
Such a document could be placed in a Newsletter, for other parents/grandparents, to get inspiration.
(No preassure or time limit though - it's just to let you know that it could be interesting)

I am a granddad myself but my granddaughter is just 1 years old, so it will be a few years before I can let her have my SOMA set ;o)

Friendliest - Thorleif Bundgaard

Now the question of course remain

Are there anyone out there who have had the same thought
Who have already made some puzzles, and maybe even made a note of age and puzzle time.?

IF you have, then send me some info about it.

Here are some pages as inspiration, found in a Russian book of puzzles.
Few pieces Few pieces

Few pieces

Few pieces Few pieces

Ps: Check out the Newsletter N160702.HTM where the topic of small puzzles are also discussed

Inspired by Roman Marks of Charleston South Carolina, USA. <>
Adjusted by Thorleif Bundgaard <>

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