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SOMA News 18 feb 2010

Australian Ross SOMA Solver program

I have lost contact to Ross Channing.


    A programmer that can make a similar program    
    to use online, without any installations.
    ie. HTML5 and or JavaScript.

    The functioning and display should be similar.
    But rotating should also be possible by 'left press'
    and dragging the mouse left-right and up-down.
    A capability to solve partial puzzles would also
    be a great feature.
    (As JavaScript have no file option, the Save/Load
    can be made as a text window where we may 'copy'    
    or 'paste' a text with the figure.

Ross Channing
From Canberra, Australia is presenting a Windows compatible SOMA program (somasolver) on his homepage.
This is a very pretty program. And it does not require any installation, just run the .exe file.
It allows you to interactively enter a Soma shape and solve it.
Operating is 3D it gives an extremely nice image, but currently it will not save nor load any figure files.

Ross did have a homepage,   but unfortunately the page link is gone.
The last accessible page was March 2012
And I have had no succes in relocating neither Ross Channing nor his web page.

So I have taken the liberty of posting Ross SOMA solver here on my own page. Download & unzip SOMA Solver V1.3
I have included an old help file - for your reference, here. HELP document.

The last known version of Ross's "Free games" page from 2012.03.09 looked like this: Free Games (Grab-20120309).pdf.

By the way, this is the reason I always ask for permission to host source files, you never know when weblinks go cold. and thereby loosing the materials therein.

Note that the program need no installation, you just unzip it in any folder and then run it. It leaves no traces on your PC. and can simply be deleted if you don't want it any more.
- Although I can't see why that would happen ;o)

On his web page Ross wrote:
All these games and puzzle programs are completely free.
I wrote them purely for fun so feel free to download and distribute them.
The only restrictions are the obvious ones - you can't charge money for them or claim them as your own work.

If you're interested in the Soma Cube, you might find this program useful. It allows you to interactively enter a Soma shape - any shape made up of 27 cubes - and will solve it for you.
It can give you the complete solution, or give you a hint, or just tell you whether the shape can be solved or not.
It's also handy for creating new Soma puzzles interactively.

The program can also load and save Soma shapes, using the format described at Thorlief Bundgaard's Soma web site

Submitted by Ross Channing <>
Edited by Thorleif Bundgaard <>

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