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0001-0036 Here is a very detailled description of the original 36 Piet Hein figures.
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Standard SOMA figures
A0001-0025 A0026-0050 A0051-0075 A0076-0100
A0101-0125 A0126-0150 A0151-0175 A0176-0200
A0201-0225 A0226-0250 A0251-0275 A0276-0300
A0301-0325 A0326-0350 A0351-0375 A0376-0400
A0401-0425 A0426-0450 A0451-0475 A0476-0500
A0501-0525 A0526-0550 A0551-0575 A0576-0600
A0601-0625 A0626-0650 A0651-0675 A0676-0700
A0701-0725 A0726-0750 A0751 Revised
Special SOMA collection
P0001-0025 Pairs of figures.
X0001-0025 DOUBLE size SOMA pieces.
N0001-0025 N0026-0050 Figures NOT using 7 pieces.
D0001-0025 D0026-0050 Double set figures.
D0051-0075 D0076-0110 "Sliders" Double set figures.
DS0001-0025 Special Double/Tripple etc. set figures.
Paulo Brina 'Quad' collection
QS001-025 Quad set figures. Newsletter
SOMA+Plus collection
SP001-025 SP026-050 SP051-075 SOMA+plus figures.
SP076-100 SOMA+plus figures.

Bundgård collection
B0001-0025 B0026-0050 B0051-0075
BI0001-0025 Irregular figures.
BS0001-0025 Special Multicube figures.
BP0001-0025 SOMA+plus figures.
BD0001-0025 BD0026-0050 Double set figures.

Tim Fielding Collection: Initially 2017.12 through 2018.05 was 1000 figures Then 2021.10 Tim is expanding to 1500 figures.
                            At 2022.01 Tim reached 1700 At 2022.02 Tim managed the impressive 2000 (But - I was slow, so it was 2022.12 before I had it all on web)
                            Read Tim's own story about his SOMA interest [Here]
T0001-0025 T0026-0050 T0051-0075 T0076-0100
T0101-0125 T0126-0150 T0151-0175 T0176-0200
T0201-0225 T0226-0250 T0251-0275 T0176-0300
T0301-0325 T0326-0350 T0351-0375 T0376-0400
T0401-0425 T0426-0450 T0451-0475 T0476-0500
T0501-0525 T0526-0550 T0551-0575 T0576-0600
T0601-0625 T0626-0650 T0651-0675 T0676-0700
T0701-0725 T0726-0750 T0751-0775 T0776-0800
T0801-0825 T0826-0850 T0851-0875 T0876-0900
T0901-0925 T0926-0950 T0951-0975 T0976-1000
T1001-1025 T1026-1050 T1051-1075 T1076-1100
T1101-1125 T1126-1150 T1151-1175 T1176-1200
T1201-1225 T1226-1250 T1251-1275 T1276-1300
T1301-1325 T1326-1350 T1351-1375 T1376-1400
T1401-1425 T1426-1450 T1451-1475 T1476-1500
T1501-1525 T1526-1550 T1551-1575 T1576-1600
T1601-1625 T1626-1650 T1651-1675 T1676-1700
T1701-1725 T1726-1750 T1751-1775 T1776-1800
T1801-1825 T1826-1850 T1851-1875 T1876-1900
T1901-1925 T1926-1950 T1951-1975 T1976-2000


Tim Fielding's SOMA Chess set figures.


Tim Fielding's 2X and 3X figures.


Tim Fielding's special figures.

C.McFarren collection
C3A C3B C3C Crystals with base 3*3.
C3D Crystals with base 3*3.
C4A C4B C4C Crystals with base 4*4.
C4D C4E C4F Crystals with base 4*4.
C4G C4H C4I Crystals with base 4*4.
C5A C5B C5C Crystals with base 5*5.
C5D C5E C5F Crystals with base 5*5.
CO1 CO2 CO3 Corner stones.
CO4 CO5 Corner stones.
CP1 CP2 CP3 Castle and Pyramid.
CP4 CP5 CP6 Castle and Pyramid.
CS1 CS2 CS3 Spirals.
CS4 CS5 Spirals.
WW1 WW2 WW3 Walls and Wells.
WW4 WW5 WW6 Walls and Wells.
WW7 WW8 WW8A Walls and Wells.

Matt Cyr collection Goto Matt's newsletter
First handfull Various figures. Of a collection of app. 100

C.Kay Marshall collection
KC0001-0025 KC0026-0050 Crystals
KF0001-0025 Fragments
KG0001-0025 KG0026-0050 General
KT0001-0025 Towers
KW0001-0025 Walls

Lluis Rubio Suárez Pazos collection
LF0001-0025 LF0026-0050 Figures
LF0051-0075 LF0076-0100 Figures
LF0101-0125 LF0126-0150 Figures
LF0151-0175 LF0176-0200 Figures
LF0201-0225 LF0226-0250 Figures
LF0251-0275 LF0276-0300 Figures
LF0301-0325 LF0326-0350 Figures
LF0351-0363 Figures
LS0001-0025 Special Figures/Double
LL0001-0025 LL0026-0050 Letters Base 3 & Base 4
LL0001-0025 'z','Z', Digits, Figures

Viktor and Yulia Kovalskyy collection
V001-025 V026-050
V051-075 V076-100

Wilson A. Yap and Nelson S. Yap
Y0000 Y0250
Y0500 Y0750
Y1000 Y1250
Y1500 Y1750
Y2000 Y2250

1-9 Ominoes Pretty 1-9 Ominoes
NONOMINO Solutions Look at this newsletter to see the 1069 NONOMINO'es.

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