SOMA Crystal
The issue of Copyrights
16 Feb 2003

Piet Hein Copyright:
YES, the SOMA puzzle is still covered by copyrights.

As we know, it all started when Mr. Piet Hein conceived the idea of the SOMA cube in 1936, during a lecture of Quantum physics by Werner Heisenberg.

SOMA is protected through copyright law, which lasts 70 years after the creators death, so this is untill the year 2066.

Therefore it should be noted, that the rights to manufacture STILL rest with the compagny Piet Hein A/S. These rights have been neglected in the past many years, but the compagny will be enforcing their product rights further in the future.

So -
If you are intending to manufacture SOMA puzzle cubes, with the intent of sale, or -
If you want to market or sell SOMA cubes manufactured by others,
then I suggest that you take contact to the "Piet Hein organization":

Piet Hein Trading ApS
Mandalvænget 5
DK-5500 Middelfart

Phone: +45 63 40 40 80   open monday to thusday 9-15 and friday 9-14.